About Us & Stockists

NOTAM is a Coventry born brand. A city of diversity, youthfulness and opportunity.

NOTAM quite simply means BRAND in Latin.

NOTAM are a small team of like-minded, positive people with similar life values.

We value our families, our time, we LOVE good design and we strongly and firmly believe in giving back to the world and the people that are in it.

NOTAM was created as we realised that now more than ever we all have ever-changing lives and different roles to play.

Coventry has a rich history as a post war 'city of the future'. We want to be a part of celebrating this and build pride in the city.

We wanted to create a brand that embodied the essence of our City, the rich culture, diversity and the music history of Coventry.

Our way of giving back to our city is by designing a T shirt for the Coventry Music Hub , a charity that has been established to support Music Making for all children and young people in the city who have barriers to access. 


25% of the profit from each sale of these bespoke designed T shirts is donated back to the charity.




MOTTOO, 15-16, Dukes Lane, Brighton, BN1 1BG